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Creating Website Content

An optimized website is useless if the content is written for search-engines directly. One of the latest Google Update, called the Farmer or Panda Update has made a drastic change in their algorithm to make sure that page results best fits the user’s needs. The main concept is to make sure that pages returned provide good information to the reader and allows a good user experience on the website. The content of a website is important to have certain criterias to be intended for both the reader, and the search-engine. In general it requires:

  • Writing content

  • Content/Text must be well written, original and persuasive.
  • Information must be structured to be concise and easy for readers.
  • Spelling is influential, avoid bad grammar or misspellings.
  • Duplicate content is considered as copy cat content, avoid as much as possible both from same or other sites.
  • Headlines and Keywords

  • Use Headlines to represent headers. ex. <h1>Main Header </h1> <h2> Sub-header </h2>
  • Keywords should be appropriately embedded within the text in a natural manner.
  • Use Latent Semantic to focus on main keywords i.e. instead of repeating the main keyword, surround main keyword with related keywords to emphasis the main keyword's importance and increasing its value. Synonyms are also suggested.
    • helps finding related keywords to a given word or phrase.
  • Strong Tags and EM Tags

  • To emphasis keywords for Search-engines the Strong Tags: <Strong> or the EM Tags : <EM> should be used. Strong tags are very good to show google that that word should be given much more importance than other words within the page. As demonstrated here, words within strong tags are displayed using bold text while text within em tags are displayed using italics text unless style is modified through CSS.
  • To emphasis keywords for the readers, the <b> <u> or <i> should be used.
  • Links and Fresh Content

  • Links should use Call Action Statements such as "Sign Up Now" rather than "Click Here"
  • Make sure content is never expired. Keep website updated with fresh content.
    • RSS feeds help to keep a website updated without the necessity to manually update or add content.
    • User comments or forums may be a good way to involve the reader and also helps to keep a fresh website and up to date.
    • helps you finding Newsfeed for specific categories such as Arts, Finance, News, Pets.

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