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About SEO Malta has been established since 2011. The main idea came from the lack of SEO interest and expertise in the Maltese Islands. A lot of businesses on the Island tend to imply that their services can guarantee a top ranking in search-engines such as,,, etc. As soon as such statements are implied, one can immediately tell that the business is only aiming in profit making by targeting the less knowledgeable. No SEO expert can guarantee a top ranking in any search-engine.

About SEO Malta aims to give all the knowledge one needs to better understand all there is to know about Search-Engine Optimization.

About Search-Engine Optimization

History of Search-Engines

As a result of the increase of web pages on the internet, the concept of search-engines was developed a while back. It aimed to give the user a single point where to look for any desired topics on the internet. Some of the first few search-engines where known as Archie and World Wide Web Worm (WWWW), which were considered as automated search-engines. The problem with the so called automated search-engines was that they relied on keyword matching on its own which usually led to low quality page results. To eliminate such a problem, various search-engines studied techniques to improve search results for user queries based on more than just keyword matching on pages. The demand of users searching has increased drastically. For this reason, a lot of search-engines have evolved abundantly to try to perfect their algorithms to return to users the best relevant results possible.

Popular Search-Engines

Some of the few whom had an overwhelming popularity increase a while back where search-engines such as AltaVista and Ask. Such search-engines are still in use, some might actually have a good rate of daily searched, but other search-engines have now taken over with greater daily usage. Yahoo! was one of the mostly used search-engines available until Google was introduced a few years later by Stanford Students; Sergery Brin and Lawrence Page, which had solid concepts on how to improve the quality of page results for user queries.

Due to the fact that Google was primarily intended for university purposes, most information on how it initially worked had been published. This gave us the opportunity to analyze and find ways to optimise websites and individual pages for the purpose of ranking higher in Google and other Search-engines. For more information on how Google works, visit our available SEO Information page.

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